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Art and nature united
Giardino Botanico Fondazione André Heller

The botanical garden acquired by Andrè Heller to be transformed into a center for environmental awareness hosts several works of art either donated or commissioned by the Austrian artist.

From the enigmatic snakes and symbols of day and night welcoming us at the entry gate, the whole environment indicates that this is not a common botanical garden. The ticket office is decorated by Susanne Smoegner, displaying colours and shapes that connect adult world with memories of childhood like Ferdinand’s house built and decorated by Edgar Tezak, water plays and distant sounds.

Several elements connect with multiple traditions and spiritualties: Buddhist and Tibetan symbols, Indu statues such as the Great Ganesh by Rudolph Hirt, elephant-god of luck and wisdom, protector of education, coexist with symbols of metropolitan culture and modernity.

Similarly find place works by Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Susanne Smoegener, Erwin Novak, Edgar Tezak, Rudolph Hirt and of the owner himself.
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Monstrous elements recur by the Bridge of monsters, where the intolerance of contemporary man transfigures into two monstrous heads on pikes that spit at each other, then through a Chinese red door, Torii, you reach a purifying and cathartic path, which includes the water play Shishi-Odoshi: a sort of water clock that marks the fleeting time and beside a walkway several large bamboo canes invite to tickle them: striking one against the other they play like a xylophone

The link with this modern and cosmopolitan humanity is underlined by the works of Keith Haring, metropolitan artist, friend of Heller, member of the Pop Part, his characters walk, hug, dance, like the red man next to the tree/umbrella. Another important work by Haring is the Stele which remembers a cross, but the characters moving on it carry sexual references. Haring gifted us his peculiar and precious interpretation of the garden with a drawing that is represented on the tickets.
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Other artists employed the tools that Nature and the Garden offer: Novak builds boardwalks, walls, pavements, with the 28 different species of bamboo present in the garden that provide colors and effect that no other material can grant and use a large stone suspended from rope to deviate water flow. These interventions blend harmoniously in the surrounding environment like the great woodden Praying Mantis that crops up between tufts of grass: so well hidden that is almost unseen: "of all arts, seeing is the hardest to learn"

The union of Art and Nature is fully celebrated within the great figure of the Genius Loci, created by Andrè Heller. The great anthropomorphic bust with open arms, emerges from the grass and erects himself as protector and guide-spirit
The structure completely covered by ivy encloses the constant change of nature, every day leaves grow and are blown by the wind, but the great blue eyes, the nose and mouth are human intervention, the added value that comes from the artist.
We hope you will also leave this magic place
with a happy heart.