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A Garden of Eden
Giardino Botanico Fondazione André Heller

“A collection of world’s region”, Andre Heller defines his garden.

During the years, assisted by a climate that Heller calls "Air of Luck" he managed to transform this into a garden of Eden hosting plants from all over the world. Andre Heller opened the doors to his garden: the recipe for luck not as a secret and exclusive place, but as an invitation to all those that want to enjoy, that are ready to handle with care and attention a world of awareness.

This incredible variety marries harmoniously with the artificial structures created in the garden and is enriched by contemporary sculptures and surprising scenic effects, a pleasant surprise for the visitor that can grab the opportunity for an unusual travel in a world that unites nature with art, both of international stature, among the sculptures of artists such as Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Erwin Novak, Susanne Schmoegner, Rudolph Hirt
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Several groups of plants are joined together by a criss crossing of paths accompanied by rest areas.

The central part of the garden re-creates an Alpine valley with pines, northern trees, cliff, gorges, crevasses, where the water springs fall from the red dolomitic peaks in the background; a 13 meters tall rocky landscape, a bonsai simulation of the dolomitic landscape that made the garden famous already during the times of Hruska.

All around are grouped ponds covered by water lilies and lotus flowers, inhabited by gigant Koi carps, and trouts and the reflection of flying butterflies and dragonflies, creeks and Zen water plays that invite to meditation, falls that flow from the rocks and water gushes from bronze heads, the gurgling and rumbling of water allow forgetting the heat and noise of the outer world, carry freshness and calm. In the dry mediterranean climate, water is a very precious good. Water bestows on the garden a peculiar atmosphere, creates living landscapes always new and animated, refreshes and enchants with mysterious reflexes and sounds.
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A garden where different environments mingle, but where the objective of naturalness and environmental love becomes the unifying element. This is the most luxurius botanical garden in Italy and it’s so rich that cannot be summarized in a visit and changes skin every year and every season.
We hope you will also leave this magic place
with a happy heart.