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andrè heller
Giardino Botanico Fondazione André Heller

Andre Heller, born in Vienna in 1947, is among the most influential and successful multimedia artist in the world.

In the first half of the 70s he became famous as a deejay and singer. He published 14 albums.

Among his work is “Blind spot - Hitler’s Secretary” (2001). A documentary interview presented at the 52nd Berlin Film Show.

Heller also became a famous visionary artist, displaying fantastic ideas, artistic creations, multimedia shows and later realized several shows with active participation from the public, managing to create a world in opposition to the daily rational one based on technology.

Circo Roncalli in 1976, Varieté FlicFlac in 1981, Fire Theatre in 1983 and 1985, and Bodies of talent in 1986.
In 1987 he opened the avant-garde fun fair "Luna Luna" in Hamburg - a travelling territory of modern art - in 1992 the monumental sculpture "Bambus Man" in Hong Kong.

His works include art for gardens, wunderkammern, parades, millions of LPs sold as a singer-songwriter, concerts and conferences across Europe, Asia and North America, large flying and floating sculptures, movies, fireworks and labyrinths, renewal of circuses and variety shows, as well as theatrical plays and shows for the public from Broadway to the Burgtheatre in Vienna, in India and in China, in South America and in Africa, designer of museums among which the Swarovski Crystal World, Meteorit, the art direction of the Germany World Cup in 2006, and the fantastic AFRIKA-AFRIKA circus.
Andre Heller lives in Vienna, Gardone Riviera on Lake Garda, and travelling.
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